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4 Natural Remedies to Prevent Gum Recession and Tooth Decay

Nobody wants cavities or a receding gumline! Besides brushing and flossing, are there any other ways to prevent tooth decay and gum recession between dentist visits? How can you prevent cavities and gum disease at home? Are there any natural remedies that can help? At Sunrise Dental we love it when our patients are committed to caring for their teeth and gums. If you’re interested in adding natural remedies to your daily oral care routine, read on to learn more.

4 Natural Remedies to Prevent Gum Recession and Tooth Decay

1: Oil Pulling

Swishing oil around in your mouth for ten minutes and then spitting it out seems like a strange way to care for your teeth. Does this natural remedy from India work, or is it just a trend? So far, studies show that oil pulling therapy can produce a significant reduction in plaque and plaque-induced gingivitis.

2: Himalayan Salt Rinse

Rinsing your mouth with a solution of himalayan sea salt and distilled water is an easy way to help remineralize your enamel and prevent acid attacks. Himalayan salt contains dozens of trace minerals that strengthen your teeth, including fluoride. A salt rinse also helps alkalize your mouth and wash away the damaging acids produced by bacteria in your mouth.

3: Hydrogen Peroxide Gargle

Using a specially formulated, low-concentration hydrogen peroxide rinse or gel can also help prevent tooth decay and receding gums. Hydrogen peroxide is a mild antiseptic that helps manage mouth bacteria. It kills the germs that cause bad breath, softens plaque deposits, and gently whitens teeth. 

4: Drink More Water

Drinking water is one of the best ways to prevent cavities and gum disease. You can stop plaque buildup and protect your tooth enamel just by drinking water throughout the day. Water washes away food debris and stimulates saliva production, which helps to prevent plaque buildup and acid attacks.

Always Schedule Regular Exams and Cleanings

Remember, natural remedies are intended for prevention only – they are never a substitute for professional dental care and cleanings. Only a professional dental hygienist can clean your teeth below the gumline where brushing and rinses don’t reach. If you suspect that you have cavities or gum disease, you should schedule a dentist appointment without delay.

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