dental allergic reactions - woman in dental chair with gloved hands using dental instruments to look in her mouth

Allergic Reactions That Can Be Triggered by the Dentist

Every person is different, which means everyone has different tolerances. At Sunrise Dental we always use the highest-quality dental products, but every so often a product triggers an allergic response. Although dental allergic reactions are uncommon, they can happen—here are some of the most common ones to look out for.  

Latex Allergies

One of the most common allergy concerns we see in our office is a latex allergy. Some people can have a negative response to specific proteins in natural rubber latex. Dental products such as rubber gloves, dental dams, tips of dental tools, and toothbrush grips often contain latex. 

Symptoms of Latex allergies range from itching after dental work to anaphylactic shock—an allergic reaction so severe it makes it difficult or impossible for a person to breathe. If you have a latex allergy, please let us know.

Metal Allergies

Have you ever put on a piece of jewelry and had to remove it because your skin began to itch? Itching is one sign of a metal allergy. The most common allergy-causing metal is nickel, which is used in a lot of costume jewelry, and also in some dental crowns and fillings. 

Mercury is another metal that can cause dental allergic reactions. Manufacturers use mercury to make dental amalgam—one of the materials that dentists use to fill cavities. The use of metals in the mouth can trigger symptoms ranging from swelling and pain to a mouth rash after dental work. 

Local Anesthetic Allergies

During certain dental procedures, the dentist may administer a local anesthetic drug through injection or by a gel rubbed onto the gums. Local anesthetic numbs the area the dentist is working on, and generally wears off after 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how much the person received.

Sometimes people experience an allergic reaction to local anesthetic drugs. Symptoms of allergic reaction to dental work range from heightened anxiety, to swelling or discomfort in the drug application area, or numbing effects that last longer than usual. 

Preventing Dental Allergic Reactions in Peoria, Arizona 

If you have any allergies to latex, metals, medications, or foods, it is important to notify us before coming in for an appointment. This way we can fully prepare to use only products that are safe for you. 

If you have questions regarding any of the products used at Sunrise Dental, contact our office today! We want to make sure dental allergic reactions never happen. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to latex, metal, or novocaine, we would be happy to discuss the alternatives available.

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy from Pexels