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What Gets Left Behind When You Forget to Brush Before Bed at Night

Everyone is always in a hurry when it comes to brushing their teeth. Sounds familiar? You’re not alone in either postponing this vital habit or forgetting it altogether when you’re too tired. There are numerous benefits of brushing teeth at night, including reducing the risk of cavities, preventing bad breath, and promoting overall dental health.

But this could be a dangerous habit to start. If you fall asleep without brushing your teeth at night, you could be asking for severe problems in your future.

What are the advantages of brushing your teeth at night?

When you skip brushing your teeth at night, you are encouraging the growth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Bacteria fights to get into your gums every day, and it’s pretty easy.

The mouth is an ideal place for bacteria to grow because it’s wet and acidic. Once plaque buildup begins, bacteria quickly finds a place to thrive on the teeth’s surface.

Think about all the foods you eat during the day and also everything you drink. That soda or candy bar are still affecting your enamel, hours after your last meal. You will also have food particles left behind between your teeth after eating dinner or lunch. If you are at school or work, you usually don’t have a toothbrush with you, unless you are very particular about your oral health.

So the only time your teeth will get cleaned after getting used all day is before bedtime, which puts you at a higher risk for developing cavities. Cavities can be the beginning of more severe problems such as gum disease and could lead to tooth loss. Once the harmful bacteria penetrates the enamel, it will only encourage more bacteria growth.

Let’s face it, neglecting your dental care will only create more problems in the future and they will also cost you more money. Many seniors don’t have access to dental insurance through Medicare and must pay all their dental expenses out of pockets.

Having dental problems is not cheap. If you are really tired at night, consider brushing your teeth earlier, so you don’t neglect this important step.