Why Are X-Rays Important?

While there are many areas of your mouth that we can see directly, there are also many areas we cannot see at all. At Sunrise Dental, we are able to see these hidden areas with digital X-rays.

X-rays are an essential part of helping us find and diagnose problems at their earliest stage. Digital x-rays enable us to spot issues in their earliest stages, many times before symptoms appear, as well as diagnose the cause of any symptoms you are experiencing. 

With x-rays, we can see between your teeth, below your gum line and in the bone of your upper and lower jaws, areas that we would otherwise never be able to examine. 

X-rays allow us to see:

  • Cavities in between your teeth.
  • External and internal root damage.
  • Horizontal and vertical bone loss
  • Cysts, tumors and abscesses.
  • Impacted wisdom or other impacted teeth
  • Other numerous pathologies

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays provide several substantial benefits. These benefits include:

  • Greatly reduced radiation exposure. Your radiation exposure is reduced up to 80% compared to the old film style x-rays.
  • Faster!!  Images are displayed almost instantly on our computer monitor. Instead of needing time to develop your x-ray images in a dark room, we spend more time with you.
  • More environmentally friendly. Instead of using caustic, environmentally damaging chemicals, your images require no chemicals to develop. In addition, there is no plastic and lead foil wrapping to dispose of.
  • More accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. After taking your digital x-rays,  we are then able to use specialized software that enables us to view the images in some different ways. We can zoom in on specific areas of your X-rays and enhance the image for clarity. All of these features enable us to spot the smallest details of your mouth so that we can provide you with the most accurate diagnoses and the most effective treatment recommendations.
  • Do not degrade with time. Digital x-rays can be stored indefinitely on a computer or in the cloud. They can be easily e-mailed to specialists, such as an oral surgeon or endodontist when referrals are needed.

With digital X-rays, we can see the hidden areas of your mouth, helping to provide you with a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. For more information, and to schedule your next appointment, call Sunrise Dental today at 623-487-4870.