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Do’s and Don’ts for Denture Care

If you are missing teeth, dentures can help you eat and speak normally, as well as smile confidently. Sunrise Dental in Glendale are experts in dentures and dental prosthetics. Proper denture care will ensure optimal function and good oral health. When it comes to caring for dentures at home, there are a few simple guidelines to follow. Read on to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of denture care.

DO clean regularly.

Just like natural teeth, dentures can accumulate stains, plaque, and calculus. Dentures must be cleaned properly to avoid buildup of biofilm and harmful bacteria. Remove dentures and rinse them after eating to eliminate food debris. Brush your dentures at least once a day to remove plaque, adhesives, and any other residue.

DO use approved products.

Dentures require special care—some types of oral care products can damage your dentures. For example, regular toothpaste can cause abrasions that collect stains and bacteria. We will recommend the right toothpaste, adhesive, and cleaners for you. Always ask us whether or not a new product is safe before you try it. 

DO keep dentures wet.

Storing dentures in liquid when they are not in use helps them retain their shape and keeps them pliable and hydrated. You can store them in pure water or a cleaning solution, according to your dentist’s recommendations. Always rinse your dentures thoroughly in cool water before you put them back on, especially if you use a cleanser.

DON’T use hot or boiling water.

Exposing dentures to high-temperature water can cause permanent damage. Hot water causes dentures to warp, and they will no longer fit your mouth. Any heat source, including microwaves, can damage dentures. Warped dentures will need to be repaired or replaced by your dentist.

DON’T force dentures to fit. 

If your dentures are damaged or if the shape of your mouth has changed, don’t try to force a fit. Bending your dentures or heating them can cause further damage. Using extra adhesive to fill gaps can lead to infection. Schedule regular dentist appointments to make sure your dentures stay in good shape and retain their fit.

DON’T wear old or damaged dentures.

As part of optimal denture care, dentures need to be replaced at least once every five years. If you experience chronic irritation beneath the denture bases, it may be time to replace your dentures. Changes to the structure of your mouth or supporting teeth can affect the fit of partial dentures and make replacements necessary. Your dentures will also need to be replaced if there are cracks, breaks or other types of damage to the prosthetic teeth. 

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