Advanced Digital Imaging for Dentistry

At Sunrise Dental, providing the finest dental care means using the best dental technology available. We use the iTero 5D Scanner because it offers the most accurate, most up-to-date digital imaging for dentistry. With the iTero 5D Scanner, we can see every part of your mouth in minute detail – fillings, cracks, calculus, gumline inflammation, crowding, and cavities.

How We Use the iTero 5D Scanner

Far superior to intra-oral photos, the iTero 5D Scanner builds a multi-dimensional model of your mouth. It allows us to view problem areas from infinite angles, and to check the progress of ongoing treatments. We’ll use the iTero 5D Scanner to take detailed scans of your mouth, and we can even give you a virtual tour!

Invisalign Treatments

Using the iTero 5D Scanner’s outcome simulator, we can look into the future to show you how your teeth will look after you complete your Invisalign treatment. The pinpoint accuracy of the iTero 5D Scanner will ensure that you get the best, most comfortable fit for each set of aligners.

Same-Day Crowns

No more goopy impression material or temporary crowns! Using the iTero 5D Scanner technology, we can provide same-day restorations. We model your crown based on the precise digital scans, mill your permanent crown in our office, and then attach it – all in one visit.

Correct Overcrowding

We also use the iTero 5D Scanner to illustrate the benefits of correcting crowded teeth. The scanner’s Occlusal Gram reveals the heavy forces that contribute to cracking and chipping. Sometimes it takes a closer look to understand your bite and see how your upper and lower teeth affect each other.

Schedule a Visit

At Sunrise Dental, we strive to provide the finest dental care possible. We know that our investment in advanced technology leads to better outcomes for our patients. Call our family dentist Peoria AZ today at 623-404-8273 to schedule an examination or a complimentary Invisalign consultation. We would love to be your family dentist!