Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth Work?

​​How Does Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth Work?

Daily brushing and flossing are essential habits if you want to prevent oral health issues like gum disease and cavities. However, if you have sensitive teeth, you might not floss or brush as often as you should. A toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help!

The friendly dentists at Sunrise Dental in Peoria can help you develop good oral care habits, even if you have sensitive teeth. Read on to learn more about toothpaste for sensitive teeth, how it works, and whether it’s right for you.

How Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth Works

If your teeth are sensitive, it’s because your dentin has been exposed by enamel erosion. The dentin is the middle layer of your teeth between the enamel and the root canal. Sensitivity toothpastes work by covering up exposed dentin and/or desensitizing any exposed nerves. 

Toothpastes for sensitive teeth have extra minerals and fluoride to help rebuild your enamel, and target your gum line to strengthen your gums. They also contain special ingredients that soothe the nerves inside sensitive teeth to help prevent pain. 

Ingredients in Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

Some of the active ingredients in toothpastes for sensitive teeth include potassium, fluoride, and arginine. These minerals help strengthen your enamel and protect your dentin and prevent nerve ending exposure.

Common ingredients in toothpaste for sensitive teeth:

  • Arginine

This amino acid occurs naturally in saliva. When combined with calcium, arginine creates a protective layer that shields your tooth from exposure to acid attacks.

  • Potassium Nitrate

This ingredient blocks neural pathways from the tooth surface to the inner tooth pulp, preventing pain from exposed nerves. 

  • Fluoride

This naturally occurring mineral helps strengthen eroded enamel. Fluoride helps your enamel regain any minerals it lost from tooth decay and protects any exposed dentin.

Gentle Dental Care

Do you have sensitive teeth? Sunrise Dental can help! We will recommend the best toothpaste for your sensitive teeth, as well as special toothbrushes and floss that can help reduce sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, come and see us for a gentle dental cleaning. Contact us to make an appointment today!

Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash