Want a Perfect Smile? 3 Things to Know About Veneers

Today, almost anyone can achieve the perfect smile thanks to advances in dentistry.‍

Bleaching is the easiest way to have white teeth for most people. It’s unfortunate that some people aren’t able to bleach their teeth. Fortunately, veneers can help here. In addition to the fronts of the teeth, these thin shells of porcelain or composite are attached to them. 

Veneers conceal everything from crooked stains to uneven teeth. How much do you know about them?

 At our dentist Peoria AZ, we strive to help our patients achieve their ideal smile

This article shares three things you should know before undergoing the procedure.


‍1. Not Everyone is a Suitable Candidate

The underlying condition is not treated by veneers. Rather than hiding them, they simply cover them with white sheets. Due to this, not everyone is eligible for the procedure.

To determine your suitability, your dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth. Straightening your teeth with braces is recommended if you have uneven or crooked teeth.

Also, if you have tooth decay or gum disease, you don’t qualify.

2. The Procedure Takes Time

It would be helpful if you were prepared to make at least two appointments with the dentist. From consultation to the final procedure, the process can take up to three weeks.

Usually, the dentist must file your teeth to make room for the implants. As a result of the filing, the enamel is reduced, making the teeth more sensitive. 

In order to protect the teeth, temporary veneers are used. There are several appointments required for the procedure. Depending on the number of teeth, the final procedure may take up to three hours.

After that, you’ll need time to recover. It is also possible to request some changes which will add to the time it takes.

3. They May Not Covered by Insurance

Cosmetic procedures such as veneer placement are cosmetic in nature. It improves appearance but does nothing for your oral health. You should know that your dental insurance may not cover the procedure before committing to it. 

Check with your insurer to see if they cover it. However, you will have to pay from your own pocket. For composite shells, the procedure costs between $250 and $1200.

The price per tooth rises to between $500 and $2500 if porcelain shells are used. Depending on the dentist and the area, the exact cost may vary.

Final Thoughts

You should have a better idea of what to expect based on this information. The perfect smile is now ready to be worn after healing.

Talk to your dentist about other alternatives if you are not sure about the procedure.