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Waterpik vs Flossing: Which Is Better?

While standard toothbrushes and floss have been around for many years, there are other products available for home oral care. For example, the doctors at Sunrise Dental are frequently asked about Waterpiks. Patients want to know what is a Waterpik, should they use a Waterpik vs flossing at home, and whether Waterpiks are worth it. Here’s a look at what we tell our patients. 

What is a Waterpik? 

Waterpik® is actually the brand name of a specific type of water flosser. However, the term Waterpik is often used to refer to water flossers in general. 

A water flosser uses pressurized water and pulsation to push food particles, bacteria, and plaque off your teeth and gums. The pulsation generated by the water flosser also helps massage the gums, stimulating blood flow which helps them stay strong and healthy. 

A water flosser like Waterpik is very easy to use. Once you fill the device’s reservoir with water, you place the cleaning tip you want to use and attach it to the handle, then select the pressure setting you desire. Once you place the water flosser in your mouth, you turn it on, aiming the flosser at your gum line. Once finished, simply turn off the device and remove the tip. 

Does a Waterpik replace traditional flossing? 

In the epic battle of Waterpik vs flossing, both are great tools for home oral health care. 

If patients have no problem with traditional dental flossing, then stick with what works. Traditional dental floss provides an excellent clean as it allows you to scrape up and down the sides of your teeth and where your teeth meet your gum line.

However, a water flosser can be a great alternative to traditional floss for those who struggle with flossing. A water flosser is also especially helpful for patients: 

  • Who wear traditional braces
  • Have arthritis or other medical conditions that make handling standard dental floss difficult
  • Have crowns and/or permanent bridgework
  • Have dental implants

A Waterpik can also provide an extra boost of cleaning power to your home oral care routine. A water flosser can more easily reach the back areas of the mouth than traditional dental floss. 

When shopping for a water flosser, we suggest looking for devices with the Americ

an Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The seal assures the efficiency and safety of these water flossers. 

Gentle Dental Cleanings in Peoria 

The bottom line is both water flossers and traditional dental floss can help your teeth and gums stay healthy in between dental cleanings. Both can remove bacteria and food particles before they can cause gum disease and other mouth problems. If you’re still unsure of the differences between a Waterpik vs flossing and need some guidance, our doctors are here to help! Call Sunrise Dental today at 623-888-8792 to schedule your next appointment.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels