what does a toothache mean

What Does a Toothache Mean?

What does a toothache mean? Tooth pain always means you should see your dentist as soon as possible! Toothaches are not normal, and usually indicate a serious problem. If you are suffering tooth pain, don’t delay. At Sunrise Dental in Peoria, we always do our best to offer same-day appointments for dental emergencies. 

What Does Tooth Pain Mean?

There are many different causes of tooth pain, and all of them are serious. Constant, throbbing pain could indicate an abscess or infection. Pain from pressure while chewing might be from teeth grinding, a broken tooth, or a damaged filling. Pain along with a sensation of “loose” teeth is a symptom of gum disease.

Are Toothaches Normal?

No, toothaches are never normal! The sensitive parts of your teeth are protected by your tooth enamel. Tooth pain indicates that tooth decay has compromised your tooth’s dentin or root canal chamber. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you probably need emergency dental care. 

What Does a Toothache Mean?

If you have a toothache, you need to schedule a dentist appointment. We will take x-rays and intra-oral photos to find the source of your pain and recommend treatment options. With prompt treatment we can alleviate your pain and save your tooth from dying.

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If you’re in pain, call Sunrise Dental right away! Ignoring a toothache will only make the problem worse. Quick intervention will stop the pain and prevent tooth loss. We are located in Suite 100 at 7505 West Deer Valley Road in Peoria, Arizona. Call 623-487-4870 to schedule an appointment today.


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