Are There Germs Hidden Within Your Toothbrush?

Your mouth is full of germs, so it is safe to assume your toothbrush can harbor them as well.

If you use your toothbrush at least twice a day, as directed, you are exposing it to the bacteria in your mouth often. Did you know that you can even find E. coli in your toothbrush?

Caring for Your Toothbrush

Every time you use your toothbrush, it comes into contact with thousands of bacteria that live in your mouth. It is essential that you not only take care of brushing your teeth and flossing. Don’t forget about caring for your toothbrush.

There are some simple tips to keep your toothbrush sanitized after each use.

Rinse thoroughly – you must rinse your toothbrush thoroughly after each use. Make sure you are getting in between the bristles and the base of the brush to get rid of all the stuff that just came out of your mouth.
Allow to air dry – this is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your toothbrush. If you brush morning and night, make sure you allow your toothbrush to air dry. If you use a toothbrush holder, make sure you clean it often as bacteria from moldy containers can spread to the toothbrush.
Keep it away from the toilet – when you flush the toilet water can spread to other areas of the bathroom. If your toothbrush is next to the toilet, that can create a problem not only for your teeth but your digestive system.

Other things you can do to keep your toothbrush clean use mouthwash before washing to prevent direct contact with bacteria from the mouth. Changing your toothbrush often (we recommend every two months or so) is also a good idea and will keep your mouth healthy. You should even get a new toothbrush after you’ve been sick to be on the safe side.